Malaysian Economic Summit 2022

As our economies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the policy focus is shifting to questions of long-term transformation: how can we accelerate digitalisation and the climate transition?


At the same time, the context is challenging. Supply chain disruptions and rising energy prices are a concern. Some policies have been effective in supporting economic recovery throughout some parts of the world, but some countries have been hit even harder than others by the pandemic, and not all are recovering at the same pace. Progress on digitalisation and the energy transition has also been far from uniform.


In Malaysia, even with pandemic-accelerated digital adoption, it will never reduce the rural-urban income gap without a proper digital backbone infrastructure nationwide. Our digital ecosystem helped prevent the economy from collapsing during the various lockdown iterations. Now we must endeavour to digitally enable each and every Malaysian so they, too, can participate in the nation’s wealth-building initiatives. We must also take the opportunity to address underlying structural issues in the medium and longer term. This will help Malaysia to future-proof itself to remain competitive.


This year’s conference is about how we can speed-up the digital and climate transitions, whilst recognising and mitigating these asymmetries. It will bring together the perspectives of policymakers, academics, leaders in business and finance, as well as economists from different private and public sector institutions.


By participating in the summit, you’ll be able to know not only about the information on a particular industry but most of the industries. This helps the expansion of businesses all over the world and it opens a new vista of business to all the businessmen. A successful businessperson always stays connected with the business world. Being connected to the business world is no less important than providing quality service and products to the customers.


As told by Richard Branson, “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – So, you never know when and how you will miss the opportunity. The Malaysian Economic Summit is the place where you need to play by rules, but you must be ferocious to snatch the opportunity.

2022 Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit

The global Pandemic is into its 3rd year with continuing disruption to business, banking and society. Whilst many countries are preparing to live with Covid as an endemic, other nations are grappling with the spike in Omicron cases. These have caused uncertainty to business and economies. The Banking industry is not spared. Banks play a critical role in national economic recovery. Banking recovery will help accelerate economic recovery and enable banks to be more supportive of industries particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Going forward, Banks need to be future proof and future ready to cope with economic, technological and societal disruptions. The impact of technology, disruption and transformation requires Banks to be more adaptive and responsive to these challenges and changes. Talent, technology and operational excellence will drive the future competitiveness of Banks. Digitization and digital banks will shape the future landscape of the Banking industry.


The 2022 Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit is a high-level Forum bringing together senior bankers, technology experts and senior consultants to share their insights and knowledge on the future of Banking. The Summit will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the role of Banks in National Economic Recovery and the post Pandemic challenges facing Banks.

2021 Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit

The COVID Pandemic has caused widespread disruption globally to nations, economies, business and society. The banking sector is not spared. In fact banks globally have to face the brunt of reduced earnings as well as higher loan provisions with an almost universal loan moratorium to save businesses. Hence in the new normal banks have to cope with new challenges. Disruptive change is the new normal for banks and businesses worldwide.


Increasing use of new technology, the emergence of digital banks, the need to enhance operational effectiveness and productivity as well as the war for talent are among some of these challenges. How will Malaysian banks cope with these new challenges and strategic issues? How can Malaysian banks keep abreast of new global and technological trends? What are the threats and risks facing banks in the new normal.


Like the old saying, every dark cloud has a silver lining, the tough challenges ahead will also create new opportunities. What are the new opportunities for banks in Malaysia? What are the new niches?


The 2021 Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit is a high-level event bringing together senior bankers, technology experts and thought leaders to share their perspectives and exchange ideas and knowledge. The Summit will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the post Pandemic challenges facing banks and financial institutions in the new normal.


Participants will be able to feel the pulse of the economy, the business community and the banking sector.


This summit is co-organised by the Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur and the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific.